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NOTE: Since 2009 the title of the International Journal of Entrepreneurship Education (IJEE) has been changed to the title above.  ISSN numbers: IJEE 1649-2269 and IRE 2009-2822

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Microfoundations for New Market Creation: Differences between Expert Entrepreneurs and Expert Managers

IRE Vol 16: Issue 1, 2018 (6 of 6 papers publishing by 31st March)

Author(s): Nicholas Dew (Naval Postgraduate School, USA), Saras D. Sarasvathy (Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Virginia, USA), Stuart Read and Robert Wiltbank (Atkinson Graduate School of Management, Willamette University, USA)

Within the growing literature on new market development, much work focuses on the industry, competition and firm units of analysis. In this paper we complement these understandings of how new markets unfold with research examining how individual decision-makers think about the task of building new markets. We replicate an entrepreneurship protocol analysis study so we can contrast entrepreneursí results with a novel sample of experienced corporate executives. We find these groups (a) employ significantly different heuristics that (b) generate different prospective outcomes; (c) the different heuristics aggregate into substantively different processes and (d) the heuristics and processes offer clear implications for theory in entrepreneurship, strategy and innovation management. Our work contributes to the literature by providing prescriptions for new market creation processes based on the cognitive microfoundations revealed in our study.

Keywords: Creation, new market, cognition, executive, entrepreneur, decision-making, protocol analysis