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In 2020 Senate Hall intends to expand and broaden its book publishing portfolio. Our aim is to compile, publish and market business management books, textbooks and specialist monographs that will establish new frontiers globally, introduce fresh thinking, while advancing the most beneficial innovations into effective management learning today. In addition, we will promote special and invitation edited books and non-academic biographies which will appeal to academics and top-tier managers alike.

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The Handbook of Research on Freelancing and Self-Employment

Edited Academic Book

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The recent rise in the prevalence of freelancers, independent contractors and the self-employed in the workforce, alongside their increased involvement in innovation, entrepreneurship and flexible working practices in firms, manifests a major change in business performance and labour market practice. As a result, freelancers have evolved to play a far more important, dynamic and diverse role in business and economic performance than at any stage in their history. The Handbook of Research on Freelancing and Self-Employment is a single source book providing researchers, practitioners, managers, policymakers and students with key research on freelancing and self-employment by the leading scholars in the field across business studies, law and economics. It provides a comprehensive overview of the latest thinking on freelancing, as well as serving as a platform of knowledge to enable more research on the area. Edited by Professor Andrew Burke (Dean & Chair of Business Studies, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland).

Modern Perspectives on Entrepreneurship

Edited Academic Book

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Entrepreneurship has developed enormously as a field of research over the last 20 years but much of this advance in knowledge has not yet been disseminated to university entrepreneurship education programs; particularly MBA courses. While most university textbooks and courses dealing with entrepreneurship provide a good foundation in terms of some of the fundamentals of small business management, few address the more challenging complexities of entrepreneurship. This books aims to fill the gap. It provides a compilation of the latest thinking on entrepreneurship by some of the leading international professors in university business schools and economics departments. It is primarily intended as a partner book for the vast number of entrepreneurship textbooks which are usually focused on aspects of small business management rather than the entrepreneurial process per se. This volume is intended to bring the entrepreneurial dimension. It is also a stand alone book for entrepreneurs, policy makers, lecturers, students and researchers who value a single accessible book which provides a series of articles containing surveys and perspectives on the latest advances in entrepreneurial thought. Edited by: Professor Andrew Burke (Dean & Chair of Business Studies, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland).

The Institute for the Study of Educational Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship (Special Issue IJEE Vol 2: Issue 1, 2004)

sponsored by: The Institute for the Study of Educational Entrepreneurship

International Journal of Entrepreneurship Education

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ISEE and the Kauffman Foundation have sponsored this special issue on Social Entrepreneurship. The articles in this issue originated as white papers for the 2002 ISEE Think-Tank. These articles explore the numerous examples and models of how social entrepreneurship is being used or can be used to enhance and support education at the pre-college level. Edited by: Professors Marilyn Kourilsky (UCLA, USA) and William Walstad (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA). Published by: Senate Hall Academic Journals.