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ALL ORDERS are on a prepaid basis with online connection or delivery made following receipt or clearance of payment.

CREDIT ACCOUNTS can be opened on request.

POSTAGE & HANDLING standard charges are included in our prices.

SUBSCRIPTIONS are registered on a year to year basis (1st of January – 31st December). Journal hard copies are usually printed at year end and will normally reach subscribers within 6/8 weeks of the preceding year.

SUBSCRIPTION RATES AND JOURNAL PRICES are those applicable at the time of dispatch or online activation.

SUBSCRIPTION RENEWALS will be automatically generated and invoiced for any new subscription year unless cancelled in advance in writing within 2 weeks prior to the 1st of January or by a received and acknowledged email by us 2 weeks prior to the 1st of January in any given year.

CANCELLATION for online users must be received in writing within 1 week of receipt of our invoice. There will be no credit notes issued or refunds for subscriptions or orders cancelled following online activation, article downloads or a journal hard copy production run.

CURRENCY RATES selected or quoted are in US Dollars, Euro or GB Sterling only and must be settled in the selected currency.

PERSONAL SUBSCRIBERS can only use or access Senate Hall content strictly for personal use.

JOURNAL BACK ORDERS will be charged at current journal prices. Existing customers may qualify for a discount.

AGENTS' DISCOUNT is available to recognized journal agents and book sellers worldwide. Please contact us for details.

BULK ORDER DISCOUNTS for multiple journal orders is encouraged. Please contact us for prices.

DEVELOPING COUNTRIES DISCOUNT is available to institutions or individuals who are deemed to be within this category or geographic territory. Please contact us for details.

PAYMENT may be made by standing order, direct debit, bank draft, cheque, credit card online or international money order. Prices in your country may be subject to local import taxes or duty which you would be liable for. We advise checking this detail out before ordering with us.

CHEQUES are payable to: Senate Hall Ltd (Our postal address is at the top of this page).

FOR BANK TRANSFERS, STANDING ORDERS or Direct Debit transactions please contact us for our bank details.

ORDERING PROCEDURE / INFORMATION by email, post or credit card online.

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COPYRIGHT© & OWNERSHIP of all Senate Hall content in our publications, including TextBookJournal®, is the property of Senate Hall Ltd and cannot be reproduced in any commercial or private way without the prior and express agreement and written permission of Senate Hall. We welcome and encourage enquiries about our journals, papers, case studies and articles for use in books or for use at seminars or utilization in other teaching and learning mediums.


1. Ethics & Professional Standards: Senate Hall Ltd only publishes original work which has not been previously published in other academic journals. All submitted articles are double-blind peer reviewed by academic research experts in order to ensure that final accepted versions meet the highest international research standards in the field of business (for other examples, please inspect journals with at least a ranking of ABS2 in the Chartered Association of Business Schools’ Academic Journals Guide at ). Authors must declare all sources of funding/sponsorship for their work and this information is reported in published papers.  
2. Senate Hall Ltd is not and will not be liable to the author(s) for any misplacement or loss of the work for any reason. It is the author’s responsibility to retain complete records and copies of all materials/files relating to the work pre and post publication.
3. Senate Hall Ltd, is not, and will not be liable to the author(s) or any other person/entity for lost profits, revenues or labour/outlay costs, due to, relating to or in connection with the submission of work prior to or following publication or non-publication.
4 (a). Senate Hall Ltd reserves the right to reject or not publish any work for any reason at any time. As an important and vital part of the academic publishing process, we reserve the right to not publish any authors' work for any reasons we deem appropriate without explanation or fear or threat of legal action. Authors should understand that if we accept their manuscript for consideration for publication, review and/or peer review, that we are not bound by any duty to, or implied agreement with the author(s) to then publish their work; or provide them with all of our specific reasons/explanations if we decline to review or progress that work further during our process. As an academic publisher, Senate Hall Ltd's primary Duty of Responsibility is to the readers and users of our publications, this is to ensure that to the best of our ability we publish "Good Science".
4 (b). The author(s) of each individual submitted work understands that no legal agreement or contract exists whatsoever between the author(s) and Senate Hall Ltd to publish or market any particular work or book until such time as our official Assignment of Copyright agreement form is sent to the author(s) for that work, and Copyright of the work is transferred and signed over to Senate Hall Ltd, by way of the author's signature(s) on the form in agreement to our publishing Terms & Conditions as stated in the Assignment of Copyright. Receipt of the signed form by Senate Hall Ltd will only from that time ratify our agreement between the author and Senate Hall Ltd to publish the specifically named/titled work mentioned on the Assignment of Copyright form. Any other communication with authors that might be interpreted as our absolute confirmation to publish a work, whether inferred, discussed or otherwise, will not be legally binding on Senate Hall Ltd without proof by way of a signed Assignment of Copyright agreement. Any outlay or labour costs expended by an author will not be the responsibility of Senate Hall Ltd unless the amount and nature of the expense is expressly agreed to by Senate Hall Ltd officially in writing prior to the expense being inccurred. A sample copy of the Assignment of Copyright form for journal articles or separately for books is available for prior inspection on request from:
5. Senate Hall Ltd reserves the right to amend any portion of these Terms/Conditions at any time by notice on this website. 

FURTHER INFORMATION regarding our Terms & Conditions is available on request.

THANK YOU for reading our Terms & Conditions.